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9,000 NIS 9,000 NIS



Artworks printed on Wood are produced in limited editions of 10

Artworks printed on Fine Aet Paper are produced in copies           _______________________________________________

Printing on Wood will add individual look and character to your artwork.

The wood's natural worm tone gives a subtle vintage rustic effect, and the wood visible grain creates a unique 3D feel, almost as you can step in the photo and be part of the experience.

Printing on Fine Aet Paper printed with State-of-the-art digital printing that has a unique texture so the colors are so vivid you can feel the art comes to life.

Using high-quality materials & a unique State-of-the-art digital printing technique for rich & vivid colors that will hold for futter generation. 

Each frame is Handcrafted from wood in Beautiful dark color.


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